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Welcome to the JSAC Website!

The 2023 Annual JSAC Workshop was held on
Wednesday, October 4 (Afternoon) and Thursday, October 5 (Morning).

The Flyer and Schedule for the JSAC 2023 Workshop:
2023 Workshop Flyer
2023 Workshops Schedule
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The Joint Security Awareness Council (JSAC) is a committee
of government and contractor personnel in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
area chartered to combine the human and material resources of the government
and defense contractor communities to better serve the mission of security education and awareness.

JSAC works closely with the National Classification Management Society (NCMS) - an organization of security professionals (both government and contractor). Council membership is open to any cleared contractor facility or government entity which is associated with the security community. If you would like to take part in our workshop
or access JSAC information, please take time to join. Click Here to Set-Up Your Account

Bob Schwalls Memorial Scholarship
“Passing the Security Torch”

The Bob Schwalls Memorial Scholarship was created to award security professionals for continuing Bob Schwalls’ legacy of mentoring, promoting security, and paying it forward. If you know of an individual who has demonstrated outstanding security professionalism or performs their security responsibilities in an outstanding manner, log on to your account and nominate them by clicking the Bob Schwalls Nomination Form link. Security Professionals should be recognized for their work ethics.

Opportunities to Excel


Annual Workshop

Each year JSAC presents a two-day workshop which covers different aspects of industrial security. Past workshops have provided a useful and exciting forum for members to exchange ideas, opinions, and concerns. These workshops provide participants with opportunities to exchange their views on the current topics and to network with other security professionals. One of the positive outcomes of these workshops is the creation of a network of personal relationships among security professionals. If you are not a member of JSAC, set up an account now so you can be informed of the next annual workshop.

This payment button is in case you need to pay for the workshop after you have registered. Using this button does not register you for the workshop.


Each year, JSAC sponsors a workshop with knowledgeable speakers from around the United States.  They usually give us a copy of their presentation which JSAC freely posts on it's website.  These presentations can be used for further in-house security education training at your facility.  The only requirement to access these presentations is that you must be a member of Joint Security Awareness Council. If you are not already a member, please take time to set up an account.  This will allow you access to our site and take advantage of the knowledge from past workshops.



JSAC not only works to educate the security community, but it is able to share its knowledge through the sponsorship of businesses which support government and security contractors.  These companies  appreciate your business.




The Dallas-Fort Worth Joint Security Awareness Council was formed in January 1992.  It was chartered to combine the human and material resources of the government and defense contractor communities to better serve the mission of sedcurity eduction and awareness.

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Mission Statement

The Joint Security Awareness Council’s (JSAC) is a principal security resource for all cleared contractor facility or government entities which are associated with the security community; promoting industrial security awareness through a network of security professionals.

JSAC strives to develop, nourish and evolve sound security practices by assisting security professionals and newly appointed Facility Security Officers with compliance of all rules and regulations of the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) and government regulations as stipulated on the DD254s. JSAC strives to facilitate protection of classified and sensitive information through continuing education and training, annual workshops which promote security awareness, and dissemination of materials and other security-related information to more effectively manage industrial security. JSAC strives to promote interaction and networking among our members in order to increase the awareness of and vigilance against potential security and cyber threats through the application of best security practices which also encompasses awareness of Counter Intelligence (CI) concerns associated with foreign visitors, joint ventures and research.

Importance of Security Awareness

One of the biggest risks to an organization’s information security is often not a weakness in the technology control environment. Rather it is the action or inaction by employees and other personnel that can lead to security incidents—for example, through disclosure of information that could be used in a social engineering attack, not reporting observed unusual activity, accessing sensitive information unrelated to the user’s role without following the proper procedures, and so on. It is therefore vital that organizations have a security awareness program in place to ensure employees are aware of the importance of protecting sensitive information, what they should do to handle information securely, and the risks of mishandling information. Employees’ understanding of the organizational and personal consequences of mishandling sensitive information is crucial to an organization’s success. It is important to put potential organizational harm into perspective for personnel, detailing how such damage to the organization can affect their own roles.

Industrial Security Professional (ISP)

The National Classification Management Society (NCMS) sponsors the Industrial Security Professional (ISP® ) Certification Program, which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The Society offers a professional certification to qualified candidates who work within the U.S. National Industrial Security Program (NISP). The intent of the ISP® designation is to award professional certification and recognition to qualified candidates who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities their profession demands. The basis for the examination is primarily the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), the supplements, and other information security concomitant rules and regulations to include Operations Security, proprietary information, etc. Successful completion of the examination will signify the overall competence of the candidate on NISPOM requirements, so current and prospective employers will have a recognized criteria to evaluate their performance. The NCMS Professional Certification Program is the result of a three year effort by the Society’s Education and Training Committee, as well as the Chapter Chairpersons and the National Board of Directors. Go to the National Classification Management Society website for more information on this certification.